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Celebración 20 aniversario. I

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El 20 aniversario de Amigos de Odisha se ha celebrado en Zaragoza el fin de semana del 7 al 9 de junio .

Ha sido un evento entrañable, para el que hemos preparado actividades diversas con todos aquellos que han venido a compartir este momento tan especial.

La exposición Odisha 20 puede verse durante todo el mes de junio en el mismo centro Joaquín Roncal.

Habíamos previsto que algún representante de nuestra contraparte local, la ONG india SMSS, hubiera podido estar con nosotros, pero diferentes problemas locales, entre los que se incluye el ciclón que azotó Odisha a principios de mayo, lo ha hecho imposible, si bien han estado igualmente ilusionados con la celebración. También para ellos es un momento de alegría y reconocimiento a la labor realizada por nuestra Asociación durante los últimos 20 años.

Como muestra de ello queremos reproducir aqui el mensaje que nos ha enviado la directora de proyectos de Pasara, Ms Sovasini Patra:

My  Dear & Near  friends,

                     Namaskar  from  me, Also  take regards from  staffs & the people of  Pasara.

It was very glorious opportunity for  me to share our experience improvement with you.  But I am very unlucky could not stand with you due to great cyclone, & my physical problems. Before information sharing, I am giving thank you to all members & well wishers of amigos de Odisha. I know this is  not sufficient words for you. But we have no language how to  tell you very grateful words from  pasara  people.

 The poor tribal people will never forget your parental service & cooperation which you have provided by  direct & indirect Amigos de Odisha.

The other important point is most of the Spanish people are working at pasara. Their dedicated labours have created great impact among the tribal people’s life.  All sharing of knowledge, experience, advised of the Spanish people are visible among us. I am giving some examples:  Love marriage, cloth of ladies, Girls child education, some girls going outside alone, some times girls oppose parental decision about marriage case, etc. totally right to equality is raising now.

Over the last 20 years SMSS has done a commendable service & established a creative developmental activity in its operational area  by help of the Amigos De Odisha. Speciall thank to Esther Millan for her collective supports & individual supports to area.

    SMSS now going to stand on the sustainable way of the works by help of the Amigos De Odisha. But it is not possible for  natural  calamities. More cyclone floods are coming frequently which is breaking peoples backbone of the life. Not only developmental programme but also future life of the children. More things are loosing people not only agriculture product but also  like School house  broken, children’s study materials lost , school closed long time, communications stop etc.  Totally this natural calamities changing the people life. In this regards I am giving more thanks to Esther Milan she is collecting all information & sending more moral supports  financial  supports to staffs  to  institution also. May be she could not sleep well during this time, but after getting message from Odisha she is  feeling relaxed. Actual  I do not look her at that time of situation  but  my feelings  is like this by  third  rule of Newton: “ Every action has  reaction “ I do not know how many days  will be going on like this. So once again further thanks to all members & well wishers of the AMIGOS De ODISHA.

Now Organization main issues to success of the Nutrition program & improve agriculture status through  different agriculture activities & helping to bring equal rights between men & women. So women empowerment is progressing step by step.

Amigos De Odisha not only supporting financial supports but also sending so many manpower, resources as well as technical supports, in order to achieve the objective of the people. SMSS never achieve people success without help of the Amigos De Odisha.

Now  SMSS & pasara people have opened all the door  for  welcoming to Spanish people. May be  your forgettable contribution always with us as unforgettable  valuable  things for ever.

Own  Coment.

My aim is not fulfill this year. I am very sad to not attending annual function at  ADO, at Spain. However, my  first thanks goes to  all members  who have provided their dedication, ideological workers and their knowledge & experience to me  by which  I  have  done more achievement  & profitable works for people. Most of the  friends are continuing  advising ,encouraging , asking  me  not only official works but also  my personal  works, my health condition  as  my own person.

Also   I am more visible workers on the front of the govt level. In this regards I am giving heartily thanks  to Esther Millan for  day to day guiding me & encouraging me.  Amigos de  Odisha  creating  more faith by  Spanish people with me. I have connected & influenced with so many friends of Spain only for ADO, I never forget in my life. This is the end of my message.  I am very greadful to ADO  Thank you.

Sovasini Patra

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